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UAE’s Ambassador to China Visited China MCC5 Group
Source: Author: Date:03 April 2018 View:
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Visiting the Showroom of MCC5

In the Meeting



In order to strengthen economic trade, culture exchanges and pragmatic cooperation in the field of science and technology between UAE and Sichuan Province, and further implement the " Belt and Road" initiative to promote strategic cooperation of Chinese state-owned enterprises in the countries along the Belt and Road, on April 2, accompanied by the personnel of Sichuan Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, Mr.  Ali Zahiri( UAE’s Ambassador to China) visited China MCC5 Group in Chengdu. Mr. Zhu Yongfan (Board Director and General manager of MCC5), Mr. Zeng Songjun (Marketing director of MCC5 ) and relevant personnel from International Branch participated in the activity.
    Mr.Ali Zahiri and his team firstly visited the showroom of MCC5. They learnt in detail about MCC5's development status and its major engineering achievements in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. Mr.Ali Zahiri spoke highly of MCC5's international projects contracting capability.
      In the following meeting, Mr. Zhu Yongfan warmly welcomed Ali Zahiri's visit and briefly introduced about the development of MCC5. He said: “MCC5 is a core subsidiary company of China Minmetals Corp. and China MCC Group. MCC5 is the only large state-owned enterprise in western China that has the highest qualifications in the construction industry. MCC5 is also a national high-tech enterprise and national intellectual property advantage enterprise with state-level enterprise technology center.    
Since its entry into the United Arab Emirates in 2008, the business of MCC5 has developed in the past decade and laid a deep foundation for future cooperation and has also received strong support from UAE’ s government. MCC5 has completed a total of nine projects which have won unanimous praise of the government and the Clients . In recent years, the national "Belt and Road" strategy has further narrowed our distance with the Middle East countries. We hope to take this opportunity to seek for more cooperation so that MCC5 can provide more quality services for the economic and social development of UAE. At the same time, I hope that your government will give more support to the registration of Chinese enterprises, financial policy support, and provide the development environment for Chinese enterprises in UAE”.    
Ali Zahiri thanked MCC5’s warm hospitality and noted that his trip to Chengdu was very enjoyable. As UAE’s new ambassador to China, he was very pleased to visit MCC5. MCC5 was the first company he visited since he arrived in Chengdu and his visit was of great significance. After Knowing about the strength and profession of MCC5 and especially after visiting the showroom, he opened up new ideas for more and deeper cooperation between two sides. He hoped that the two sides could carry out deeper cooperation in the future.
   Mr. Ali Zahiri introduced about the friendly cooperative relation between the two governments and said: “China is the largest trading partner for the Middle East and Africa. I hope that Chinese enterprises can have deeper and broader cooperation, including cooperation in industries and infrastructures. The UAE will adhere to the principles of transparency, standardization and policy continuity to provide more services to many Chinese enterprises, and ensure investment security & normal operation in UAE”. Finally, Mr. Ali Zahiri thanked MCC5’s warm hospitality and said that he would perform his duties as an ambassador and provide more support for the business development of MCC5 in UAE.


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