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Carbon Black Project and Modified Asphalt Project in Zhanjiang Steel Base Was Officially Commenced
Source: Author: Date:31 March 2018 View:
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At 10:27 AM of March 31, Under the commencement order by Mr. Lin Xiuzhe (Party Committee Secretary and Chairman of Shanghai Baosteel Chemical Company), two piling machines started up at the same time. This indicated that the construction of carbon black project and modified asphalt project of Baosteel Zhanjiang Steel Base were officially commenced. These two projects was contracted by MCC5 Group Shanghai Corp. Ltd.
A total of 120 people witnessed this historic moment, including the following persons: Mr. Cheng Xianyun (Deputy General Manager of China MCC5 Group Corp. Ltd.), Mr. He Wenqing (Assistant of General Manager of MCC5 Group Shanghai Corp. Ltd.), Mr. Shen Junqing (MCC5 ‘s Chief Commander for Zhanjiang Steel Projects); and the personnel from Shanghai Baosteel Chemical Co. Ltd., Baosteel Zhanjiang Iron and Steel Co. Ltd., and relevant functional departments of Baosteel, Design Company and Supervising Company and so on .
On behalf of MCC5, Mr. Shen Junqing made a speech at the ceremony. He said: “MCC5 has successfully completed the projects such as coking, chemical production, 2030 cold rolling and 1550 cold rolling with high speed and high quality”. He also expressed that he would lead the construction team to carry forward the enterprise spirit of "no delay day and no slack day", and arrange capable personnel under the command of the Client to perform the contract, so as to make further contribution to the development of Baosteel Zhanjiang Steel Base.
The carbon black project is 100, 000 t /a carbon black project (40, 000 t /a hard blackening production line) including supporting facilities, mainly composed of three parts: carbon black production line, boiler power generation (including desulphurization and denitration) and supporting facilities; The modified asphalt project is mainly composed of production equipment and supporting facilities for 100000 t / a modified asphalt production unit.
The two projects are scheduled to be handed over to the Client on December 20, 2018 and February 20, 2019 respectively. It is expected that the projects will make a positive contribution to the Client's energy-saving, efficiency improvement and cost reduction after the projects are completed and put into production.
( Reported by: Li Chao)
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