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Chinese Brands in Foreign Countries- largest sintering project in Southeast Asia is Operating Well
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Project Panoramic View

Sintering Workshop

Praise MCC5

MCC5’s People on the “Belt & Road” Line


Formosa Vietnam Ha Tinh Steel Base is an overseas newly-built ten million tonnage steel joint enterprise in the recent 20 years. It is the first super-large intelligent steel base built by MCC in foreign country. In this steel base, MCC5 has built two 500m2 large-scale sintering projects with an annual output of 10 million sinter ores, which is the largest sintering project in Southeast Asia.
MCC5 has undertaken the construction general contracting for two 500m2 large-scale sintering projects in Formosa Vietnam Ha Tinh Steel Plant. The project was started on April 15th, 2013 and completed on June 30th, 2017. The hot load test-run of the second sintering machine was successfully done on October 21st, 2017. At present, the two sintering lines are operating well for production.
The sintering project of Formosa Vietnam Ha Tinh Steel Plant has two sintering production lines, including fuel system, proportioning system, sintering cooling system, screening system, de-dusting system, and waste heat recovery system. The equipment mainly include 5 fuel crushers, 4 hybrid granulators, 4 main exhaust fans, 2 500m2 sintering machines, 2 560 m2 liquid seal ring cooling machines, 16 sieving machines, 11 precipitators, 2 waste heat boilers, 83 belt conveyors, 97 lifting equipment and so on. These equipment represent the advanced technology of sintering project at present.
Since the project was put into production, the equipment of sintering system has been operating stably, especially the sinter quality has been improved, the energy consumption has been reduced, the dust & waste water collection and utilization rate has been greatly improved, and the designed production level has been reached ahead of schedule. The construction safety, project quality, and project duration have been unanimously praised by the leaders of Formosa Company.
The large-scale sintering project of Formosa Vietnam Ha Tinh Steel Plant is another benchmark project of MCC5, which was built in the country along the "Belt and Road" line. Its successfully construction and production have greatly enhanced China's intelligent manufacturing ability in the world’s metallurgical industry, and have greatly enhanced the influence of MCC’s design and construction of large-scale environmental protection sintering projects in the overseas market.
After the project was put into production, relying on the good brand image set up in Formosa Vietnam Ha Tinh Steel Plant, MCC5 has undertaken the expansion project of hot-rolled coil yard, continuing to act as the main force in promoting the "Belt and Road" construction.
(Reported and pictured by: Wang Chenghui)





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