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CCTVs Chinese Brands in Foreign Countries Broadcasted Vietnam Steel Projects Constructed by MCC
Source: Author: Date:09 March 2018 View:
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During the two sessions in 2018, CCTV took the advantage of "Belt and Road" Initiative to investigate the overseas development story of Chinese brands and to search for technological innovation breakthrough in China. CCTV presented a series of special programs entitled "Chinese Brands in Foreign Countries -Science and Technology". At 11: 50-12: 30 AM of March 10th, “Chinese Brands in Foreign Countries -Science and Technology” programme of CCTV-2 (CCTV Financial Channel) officially presented a special video entitled “Construction of An Intelligent and Super-Large Steel Base in Vietnam by MCC (the National Metallurgical Construction Team)”. This video demonstrated MCC’s technologies for blast furnace and sintering in Vietnam Ha Tinh Steel Base. These are highest-level metallurgical construction self-owned technologies. The home-made equipment has also leaded Chinese metallurgy to the world.
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