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CCTV Multi-Channels Showed Charm of MCC during Spring Festival
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During the Spring Festival (Chinese New Year Holiday), CCTV (CCTV-1 CCTV-2 CCTV-3 CCTV-4 CCTV-13) and its network terminals broadcasted the special promotional video recommended by MCC. During this important traditional Chinese holiday, "First Time" Program of CCTV Financial Channel, "Economic Information Associated Broadcast" Program of CCTV Financial Channel, "2018 Internet Spring Festival Gala" of CCTV Entertainment Channel, "News Report" of CCTV Comprehensive Channel, and the client cache of CCTV continuously broadcasted the brand image programs of MCC. CCTV also officially released "China's First Gold - The Welding Emperor Conquered the World”. The premiere and rebroadcasting have reached more than 80 minutes, and nearly 1.1 billion people have watched the programms.

The programs broadcast by CCTV have involved a number of MCC’s subsidiary companies and have shown more than 10 major projects at home and abroad undertaken by MCC: Vietnam Ha Tinh Steel Base, Baosteel Zhanjiang Steel Base, Malay Guantan Steel Base, Sri Lanka Highway, Cambodia Project, Hengqin Municipal Facilities, etc. These projects have shown the power of MCC as the China Metallurgical Construction National Team, the major basic construction force, and the pioneer in emerging industry.


MCC’s People Working in Foreign Countries

CCTV Video < China's First Gold – MCC’s Welding Emperor Conquered the World

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