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China MCC5 Group Was Re–Selected into Sichuan Top 100 Enterprises
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Recently, Sichuan Provincial Enterprise Association and Sichuan Provincial Entrepreneurs Association held the release conference of "2017 Sichuan Top 100 Enterprises” in Chengdu. China MCC5 Group Corp. Ltd. was re-selected into" Sichuan Top 100 Enterprises ", taking the 25th place, 9 places higher than the last year. It is a great achievement!
   It is understood that Sichuan provincial top 100 enterprises ranking is strictly evaluated basing on the annual turnover of all enterprises in Sichuan Province. The top 100 enterprises ranking in Sichuan Province will provide an objective reference basis for the economic work in Sichuan Province and build a bridge for the cooperation between enterprises.
   As a core subsidiary of China MCC, MCC5 has a glorious history of nearly 70 years and has undertaken thousands of national key projects. In recent years, facing new situation, new challenges, new tasks and new requirements, MCC5 has been developing according to the main strategy of "transformation upgrading and the whole industrial chain service". The company scale and profitability have continued steady growth, and the comprehensive strength and social reputation have realized Leapfrog promotion. The main strategy has achieved new performance and new development.
   Being re-selected into “Sichuan Top 100 enterprises” is an encouragement and affirmation for MCC5’s development achievement in recent years.MCC5 will continue to focus on the development strategy of "transformation upgrading and the whole industrial chain service", and continuously create competitive advantages to accelerate the transformation and upgrading of building products and speed up the transformation to the production & service enterprise, and always walk in the forefront of the construction industry.
 (Reported by: Zhou Yiyu)
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