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MCC5 Group Shanghai Corp. Ltd. Competes for New Energy Projects
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Wind power erection works

EPC general contracting project of 6 MW distributed photovoltaic power generation in Changshu (Danieli Steel Plant, Jiangsu Province


Construction of assembly workshop and painting workshop of Jiangxi Yiwei New Energy Automobile Company

New energy industry is one of the strategic emerging industries, whose cultivation and development was accelerated in China. As a core member of the national metallurgical construction team, MCC5 has bravely undertaken the new energy engineering construction responsibility.
Construction of wind power projects
Wind power is a kind of renewable energy. In 2009, MCC5 Group Shanghai Corp. Ltd. began to compete for the construction of new wind power projects by undertaking the erection work of 100 wind power generation units ( single unit capacity is 1.5 MW) in Zhangjiakou, Hebei Province. Compared with thermal power, wind power generation will not be accompanied by a huge amount of greenhouse gas and acid gas emissions. It does not produce any harmful gas emissions such as carbon dioxide. So the wind power industry is also known as green new energy industry.
Construction of solar power projects
Solar photovoltaic power is a kind of new energy promoted in China. In recent years, MCC5 Group Shanghai Corp. Ltd. has made rapid development in photovoltaic power industry by EPC contracting to undertake more than 10 large and medium photovoltaic power projects for the following clients: Shanghai SAIC-GM Linggang and Jinjiao Base, Guangzhou JFE Steel Plant, Nanjing Meishan Steel Plant, Changshu DANIELIE Metallurgical Equipment Factory and Zhongjiao Tianhe Machinery Factory, and Ningbo Baojing Steel Plant, etc. The accumulated capacity of photovoltaic power projects has reached more than 60 MW.
Using EPC model for engineering design, procurement, construction and implementation of the whole process of the contract aims to improve engineering quality, control the project schedule and risk.
Construction of pure electric-driven automobile projects
On July 9, 2012 , the State Council officially issued “Energy - Saving and New Energy Auto Industry Development Plan”, taking pure electric- driven vehicles as the main strategic orientation of new energy vehicles development for the transformation of automobile industry . In recent years, MCC5 Group Shanghai Corp. Ltd. has undertaken the construction of pure electric new energy plant projects for some domestic famous auto manufactures: Nanjing Jinlong, Changzhou CHJ Automotive , Nanjing Yinlong, and Jiangxi Yiwei, etc.
(Reported by: Wang Chengwei)
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